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Potential in Action

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Therapy is
For Everyone

There is a quiet voice inside you saying that

life can be better than this.

Maybe your challenges have been building for some time, or maybe you’ve felt stuck, stagnant, bored with your life for longer than you’d like to admit. Maybe the feelings, memories, or fears you’ve been living with are getting louder, and won’t leave you alone anymore. Maybe someone has made you feel small, worthless, or insignificant. Guess what – you’re not crazy, and you’re not alone.

"Kinetic" speaks to the movement inherent in the counselling process - let's work together to remember and act on your potential, redirect you towards meaningful growth, and live the life you imagine.

Kinetic Counselling supports clients of all ages. All services are LGBTQ2S+ supportive - we honour and respect all identities, families, and circumstances.

Contact Us & Put Your Potential Into Action

#206 – 74 Wade Avenue East

Penticton, BC

V2A 8M4

Call or text: 250-487-0195

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