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Dena M. Ed., RCC

"As a counsellor, I believe counselling recipients are best served by a holistic and client-centered approach which honours their unique needs and interests.

Being a long-time early childhood educator and mother of two busy young women, I have learned that patience, active listening and curiosity are critical to building successful relationships.

I am a Registered Clinical Counselor with BCACC and hold both a bachelors and graduate degree in education, with the graduate degree being from the School of Counseling at City University Seattle. My primary focus is play therapy, including expressive arts, music, movement and sand tray. I find these to be invaluable tools in supporting and counseling, especially with young children.

My teaching career began twenty-four years ago on-reserve in a remote northern British Columbia community. Since that time I have worked intimately with primary grade children and their families in many parts of the province."


(250) 487-9133

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