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Nicole MSW, RSW

"As a naturally curious person, I seek to understand the lived experience of those I work with.  From this experience, I hope to glean and bring attention to the inherent strength that you possess, which for most, is difficult to recognize during times of struggle. 

In counseling, I draw on a combination of modalities that are congruent with your values, and effective for the outcomes you wish to pursue, and the result is a therapeutic approach unique for you. 

My background is trauma-based work which is built on the understanding of how trauma plays out in our relationships and in our bodies and my role is to support your journey in addressing your past and adapting your present in order to achieve the goals most important to you.

I am continuing to pursue ongoing education in grief/loss, End of Life support to individuals and their loved ones, and grief companioning during and after perinatal loss.

I have had the privilege of many mentors and teachers in my life and those I work with are no exception.  You truly are the expert of your own life, and I am but a partner assisting to facilitate a journey in your own wellness.  The pace and goals in which you chose to pursue are yours.


I owe gratitude to the Syilx people where I live, learn, and have had the privilege of cultural teachings and mentorship as a non-indigenous settler.  I recognize the impacts of current and ongoing colonization and pay attention to how continued systemic oppression affects the lives of those I work with."​


(236) 836-5112

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